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Prime time for a flawless complexion


Make-up trends are constantly changing. One, however, remains and is gaining more and more importance: the trend towards a flawless and beautiful skin!

We invest a lot of time in facial care and make-up. Nevertheless, the result might not be satisfying as an important step for the best possible result is missing: the primer! A primer is the essential link between skincare product and make-up.

Today, make-up products have a more translucent lightweight texture. Because a natural look with a radiant glow is in demand. This is exactly why a primer is indispensable to achieve a perfect result. It prepares the skin optimally, evens out the skin tone and ensures that the make-up lasts a long time. The result is a radiant, flawless and healthy-looking complexion!

Experience and feel the novelties of our Primer Collection:
Skin Refining Face Primer, 15ml: The soft-focus for a matt finish with refined pores
Pure Light Face Primer, 30ml: The cosmetic «Photoshop» for a radiant complexion
Eye Primer: A fountain of youth for the eye area
Lip Primer: The perfect base for lipstick and lip gloss
Lip Oil: The ultimate combination of care and shine for your lips

Prime Time für einen makellosen Teint